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Hit 'em, Slam 'em, Submit 'em

MMA attitude t-shirts

About as plain a statement as it can get - it's a blueprint for what to do in MMA: open it up with the fists, maybe kicks, take them down and put them on their back, and then tie them up and submit them. Hit Slam Submit, the basic MMA attitude. The formula doesn't get much simpler than that.

Thinking about this, we broke it down into what we'd want as the component parts in MMA training:

  • Hit - gotta be Muay Thai, really. Could have gone kyokushin, but the options in Muay Thai are automatically greater
  • Slam - We'd probably go Russian Sambo. We thought about wrestling, but it don't seem to do too good up against BJJ. Both of them seem to intiutively 'know' each other, and cancel out.
  • Submit - can't go past Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 'Nuff said.

What would you say? Agree, disagree? If we get enough responses we might start this as a solid part of the bjjtshirts blog.

And this shirt is just a statement of that intent - plain, simple, straightforward and a reminder that the best machinery - and maybe game plans - are those with the least number of working parts.

Hit em, Slam em, Submit em MMA shirts




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