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Attitude shirts from

Like the label says, these shirts are all about Attitude, with a capital 'A'. No frills and a simple, clear message on each shirt; some of 'em are clearly martial arts-related, others are plain old in your face.

ValeTudo, Anything Goes shirtsWe've tried to keep these, and the other Plain Talking t-shirts, as simple as we can: simple statements in simple text as much as possible, minus any overblown design or graphic work. It's an experiment to see how these go compared with the ranges we've been running with pre-2010; we'll keep you posted on the outcome, either on the new shirts and updates page, or on the bjjtshirts blog.


Vale Tudo - Anything Goes

Pretty obvious, as anyone who's ever seen a Vale Tudo tournament knows - anything goes when the bell rings for round one. So, in response, we've put together the Anything Goes Vale Tudo shirt.

So now we've put it on a t-shirt for the BJJ and Vale Tudo enthusiasts out there. Fists, knees, throws, locks, chokes, kicks, shins, elbows, head really is anything and everything. Whilst we could have covered the shirt in blood splatters and that sort of thing, we think it works pretty good like it is. You could even mistake these Vale Tudo shirts for stylish, in the right light....


It's okay to be scared - most sissies are

OK to be scared of BJJ shirtWe've run this slogan before, but we were never all that pleased with how it turned out; so here's the update, added to our Plain Talking t-shirts range. And we're pretty damn pleased at how it's turned out, frankly.

It's okay to be scared - most sissies are. It doesn't get much more blatant a statement than that. Let the whole world know what you think of 'em in one easy step - by wearing one of our shirts......




I came, I saw, I conquered

Came, Saw, Conquered teeI came, I saw, I conquered - from the latin, Vene, Vide, Vice. Here's the shirt to wear when you're feeling invincible - post-workout, post-sparring or just secure in your abilities. Give it some attitude with our I came, I saw, I conquered shirts.


School of Hard Knocks Honour Student

Hard Knocks Honour StudentBeen around a bit? Had the sh&t knocked out of you at some point? Tell the world about it and, at the same time, tell 'em to give you some space: you've been there, seen it, done that - and now you've got the t-shirt - with attitude, courtesy of

As with the other Plain Talk shirts, we've kept the School of Hard Knocks Honour Student shirts simple - text and just a wreath to give it a bit of class.


Leave your ego at the doorMMA - Leave your ego at the door...

MMA - the great leveller in combat sports, you could say. Come in the front door with an ego and you'll probably just get it knocked right out of you. So, leave it at the door - it's just going to get in the way, after all....

Leave your ego at the door MMA shirts - another part of the Plain Talk range (but we do have MMA shirts with a bit more design to them, if that's what you're looking for, so check out our other MMA shirts).

Hit em, slam em, submit em

Hit Slam Submit attitude teeshirtsAbout as plain a statement as it can get - it's a blueprint for what to do in MMA: open it up with the fists, maybe some kicks, take them down and put them on their back, and then tie them up and submit them.

And this shirt is just a statement of that intent - plain, simple, straightforward and a reminder that the best plans - and game plans - are those with the least number of working parts. Hit, slam and submit.


This one time at fight camp...

One time at fight camp shirtsJust a throwaway MMA shirt this time - inspired (is that even the right word?) by American Pie and now a shirt mostly just-for-the-hell-of-it: So, here's a shirt that you can wear this one time at fight camp.


Bad Man - never send a boy to do a man's job

Inspired by that cutesy 'Bad Boy' gear you see all over the place. Do you consider yourself a boy in a man's world? We didn't think so, so we've put the sentiment on a bunch of different types of shirt. Don't say we're not good to you. And remember - never send a boy to do a man's job.

Bad Man attitude shirtTake a look at the Bad Man shirts.


Step back or I pull the pin

Another one for you, with a fair chunk of attitude this time - step back or I pull the pin on the grenade. Yeh, your basic "get out of my face" fair-warning t-shirt. Gets the message across with no frills, and leaving everyone with absolutely no doubt about how frayed your temper is. So, step back or face the consequences.



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