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BJJ: It's okay to be scared - most sissies are

Attitude shirts from

Heh, now this t-shirt's got a bit of laughter to it - the question will be whether you've got the balls to actually wear it around; you're gonna need to be very sure of your BJJ game, cos you're really just throwing out a blanket challenge to any and all-comers. Scared of BJJ? Most sissies are. And this particular BJJ attitude shirt lets nothing get in the way of the slogan - no overblown design, just clean and simple text. Most sissies will probably also pretend they didn't read it but, hey, it's okay to be scared.

And if you want a more serious take on this, for some strange reason, give it some thought: BJJ has really revolutionised the whole concept of combat sport across the board. It's almost a given these days that you need to at least be aware of the ground game in whatever you do. Yeh, we know, if you're doing something more traditional (translation: established), you're unlikely to get anything ground-related included in your training, but that doesn't mean you're not aware of it as a potential, and serious, threat to whatever your specialty is. There's good reason to be scared of BJJ is all we're saying.

Hell, if this shirt doesn't get a smile on your face, nothing will. Lighten up.

Okay to be scared of BJJ, most sissies are - shirt




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