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Step Back or I Pull The Pin

Teeshirts with attitude

This one's another solid bit of attitude on a shirt: Step Back Or I Pull The Pin. Plain, simple design and a plain, direct statement for all the angry folks out there. The grenade gets the idea across better than loads of other text and design ever could - "I'm ready to explode, and if you get too close that'll set me off". Fair warning, that's what the attitude in this teeshirt is all about at the end of the day.

Hopefully this teeshirt with attitude will work the opposite way to the average conversation-starter teeshirt, by keeping people away from you and not wanting to start a conversation. Fair enough, it ain't the friendliest teeshirt you'll ever see, but it serves a particular purpose at a particular time in a particular frame of mind, right? In our opinion, everyone should have a teeshirt with this kind of attitude in their wardrobe, just in case.

Something to wear when you just can't be bothered making an effort, and when you don't mind getting some funny looks. We reckon it'll get the message across; it just won't be getting you any free drinks.

Attitude shirt: Step Back




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