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Jiu Jitsu Choking Hazard tshirts


Warning: Choking Hazard - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu may cause airway obstruction. Another classic, and one we may revisit in the future at some point, just to bring it up-to-date, and to add a few new angles on a great Jiu Jitsu shirt and slogan. In the meantime, let the world know that it'd be best to keep a safe and healthy distance.

As for the choking hazards in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where do we start? And when we say 'choking' it's not really just choking - mostly, the techniques that get laid on you involve cutting your airways whilst also cutting the blood supply to your brain. Not the most friendly set of techniques, really, but we don't know that you'll find anything out there that's more effective.

But, back to the tshirts. Obviously, it's not too serious, and that's what we're aiming for, on the Jiu Jitsu Choking Hazard tshirts and on some of our other designs. We want to get some smiles going, and tshirts like our Jiu Jitsu Choking Hazard tshirts do that admirably using a bit of attitude tempered with a bit of fun.

BJJ shirts: Choking Hazard

Jiu Jitsu techniques - video

And, in case you're interested in exactly how to become a Jiu Jitsu choking hazard yourself, visit our Jiu Jitsu video clips pages - packed with embedded instructional jujitsu clips featuring Machado jiu jitsu black belts. You'll find a couple of dozen clips, with techniques broken down into easy-to-repeat steps, with explanations and pointers at each step in the technique being demonstrated.




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