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Ground and Pound shirts

100% American, back in the day

Okay, fair enough - these Ground and Pound shirts feature a few of our older designs, from back in the day when we were just figuring this t-shirt production thang out, and were busy learning software and systems and all things related. So, bear with us on these and a couple of the other designs in, okay?

(Quick update: we'd done an end-of-2010 version of our Ground and Pound shirts - check out the 2010 Ground and Pound shirts. More to come...)

On to the shirts: Ground and Pound - gotta love it, right? We remember back in the day when we first came across the UFC and IFC, and when we first saw the whole ground and pound game in action. Ahh, the memories - this shirt was inspired by those days, when ground and pound was kind of an American innovation to fighting sports. You know, inspired by people like Matt Hughes, back before everyone figured out he was a dick. The early days of the MMA, UFC and IFC, when the competitors were in it primarily because they were true competitors, without being part-ways concerned with being champion-of-this or some other glitzy bullshit. Remember that? Difficult now, right?

Ground and Pound shirts

Classic Ground and Pound video clips

To get an idea of the Kimura and rear naked choke bjj techniques featured on our BJJ tee shirts, along with a bunch more techniques, check the BJJ video clips pages; techniques and tips provided by Will-Machado Black Belts John Will and David Meyer.




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