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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teeshirts

Hooked on BJJ

We've done two variations on this particular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teeshirt theme: I got hooked (immediately below) and I'm hooked (further down the page). Check them both out. These two jiu jitsu teeshirts were inspired by the good old BJJ hook-and-sweep routine, and they fit pretty well with our overall approach to getting some sort of play on words into the shirts and designs, where we can. Okay, fair enough, you might not necessarily call these two shirts designed, exactly, but we're keeping that to a minimum when there's a good slogan to get across.

Shirt #1: BJJ - I got hooked

First up, just like the label says. We used a typeface for this one that looks a bit like stitching or embroidery, just so it wasn't plain old Arial or something equally dull. We try to get at least some individuality into the shirts, if we can. Anyways, this jiu jitsu shirt is maybe more aimed at the noobs, the people who've only recently come to the light; it's a pretty addictive thing, this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Easy to get hooked, in more ways than one.

BJJ: I got hooked shirts

Shirt #2: BJJ - I'm hooked

We're hooked on BJJ too, so don't worry. It's an absorbing and challenging thing and ain't it refreshing to find something that's as much a challenge on the mental level as well as physical? Even in the simplest terms, it's sometimes a challenge in BJJ just to catch your breath when you're getting the lead blanket put on you....

BJJ - I'm hooked tshirt




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