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Touch me, 1st BJJ lesson free

Push Me for Free Demo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu shirt

C'mon - you've got to have a sense of humour with this stuff sometimes, you've just got to. And, fair enough, the skull button is maybe a bit cutesy, but it's a good design and a great slogan. It'll grow on you, seriously. And we even got some spiky tattoo stuff in there, for all those who can't live without it on a Jiu Jitsu shirt.

Push Me for Free Demo - says it all really, and in the simplest and most cheerful manner. It puts a smile on our faces, put it that way. Wear the shirt and you'll likely not get any frowns coming your way, cos it's a good bit of fun, which you've got to admit is seriously missing from the whole MMA and BJJ circuit; everybody's too busy trying to be the baddest man on the block.

So, go on; get the shirt on and see what kind of response you get. We'd bet it's going to be 100% good-natured. Hell, it gives the girls an excuse to put a hand on you, so what's not to like?

And we tried to get at least a hint more of the Brazilian angle in there with the colours; blue, green and yellow taken straight from the Brazilian flag. You can't say we're not trying to tick the boxes in how we're supporting the noble art.

Push me for BJJ demo



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