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Tap Fast BJJ shirts - 'cos sometimes I go too far...

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is just too fast-moving a sport to take any chances; make a mistake in a heavy rolling session, and you're out of action for weeks, and sometimes months. Were tendons, muscles and bones really designed to stretch that far....? Nah, we just don't think so. So, these Tap Fast shirts are for those of you out there who either do go a bit too crazy for the tapout, or for those who want to keep people away from them by making them think they go tapout crazy. Either way, the Tap Fast shirt should do the trick - and without having to go too far.

Something we heard a while back, sort of related to the tap fast thing, is that in Brazil itself, in the wrong areas, the measure of a BJJ guy isn't in how many fights he's won or in how many tap-outs he's engineered; the real measure is in how many arms he's broken. Nasty thing, this BJJ, in the wrong hands... Best just to Tap Fast. And hope your opponent decides to pay attention.

Tap Fast BJJ shirt

Tap Fast BJJ shirt, tattoo

And a bit more Tap Fast advice: remember Tim Sylvia after fighting Frank Mir back in UFC 48 in 2004? He wasn't born with titanium plates in his arm.




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