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Maori-style tattoo design Jiu Jitsu teeshirt

Okay, this one's a bit awkward to describe - but we like it. We've got a Maori-like tattoo design going on as the major part of this Jiu Jitsu teeshirt, and as a tip-o-the-hat to Brazil, we've used the Brazilian flag colours in it. It's good and simple, and a clean design, and the only thing that we might consider changing on it, if we really had to do it all over again, is probably the typeface we've used; something maybe a bit less techno.

Regardless, this jiu jitsu teeshirt has turned out well, and hits the mark with a fair number of people, given the feedback we've had on it. We're going to have a go at getting some more of the Maori style stuff going on, as it just seems to be a good fit as a design thang for our particular approach to jiu jitsu teeshirts. So, keep an eye on on Twitter, on Facebook and on the new jiu jitsu teeshirts page for news and updates.

Tattoo design BJJ shirt



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