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Brazilian Jiujitsu shirt: It's How I Roll

Another of our shirts with a Maori tattoo kind of feel, although it's maybe not too close to the Maori thing. We're pretty sure we came across that background tattoo shape in a long list of free images, and that it was more a happy coincidence that it just happened to have a Maori feel to it. Anyways, we're rambling.

Everyone connected with this knows that doing Brazilian Jiujitsu makes you a roller, right? And there's the obvious play on words with this jiujitsu shirt. It ain't sophisticated, but it is effective in at least getting a moment of thought going through a viewer's head; can't really say the same kind of thought occurs to us when we see even a fantastically-designed Brazilian Jiujitsu shirt if it doesn't have an attempt at a slogan or play on words in it.

It's How I Roll. Sure is - Brazilian Jiujitsu is the way to go. We could say something really cheesy here about how doing shirts like this has got us on a roll, but we won't inflict that kind of thing on you. And we won't say how we're rolling along with getting these Brazilian Jiujitsu shirts finished and online. Nope. Not us.

BJJ shirt: how I roll




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