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Boxing: Domination by Combination

Teeshirts for boxers

Another teeshirt for boxers, Domination by Combination. No need to explain this one really: how do boxers dominate an opponent, or a bout? By combining their blows across a wide enough range, based on what gets through. Even if a boxer ends up concentrating for the KO on using a big right hand, they don't just stand there throwing the right by itself over and over; they send out a flurry of other punches, from different angles, as a distraction from the big right that they're waiting to throw. Domination by Combination.

We guess you could also look at this boxers teeshirt in terms of the overall combinations a fighter puts in place, although that's a bit obscure and it wasn't what we were really getting at when we put the slogan together. What are we getting at? The combination of balance and footwork for one, or the mixture of training and recovery that goes into preparing for a bout for another. That kind of thing. Make sense?

Domination by Combination boxing teeshirt

Not really a statement of intent, not a threat, not anything more than a description really - but it still says 'boxing is where it's at'.

Take a look at the domination by combination boxing shirts you can get (and at least have a quick glance at the other boxing shirts we've got for sale online - you might find something you like better in one of our other ranges.)




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