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Boxing shirts - cos there ain't no muscles on yer chin

These are some of the boxing designs which appear on our range of boxing shirts; click on the product images to see larger sized images, and then click through to the online shopfront where you can choose from a huge range of types of shirts, colours, sizing and the rest.

From there you can also browse our other combat sports shirt ranges - BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA - and don't forget that there's a fair amount of overlap between boxing and other combat sports, so the shirts in other sections of our online shop are well worth at least taking a minute to look through.

We're no longer providing back prints on our shirts; the printing process we use now applies an additional charge for back printing and we want to keep the price you pay as low as possible. That said, check the shirt you're interested in, as we did set some up for back prints as well as the front design.

So, on to our boxing shirts - loads of designs, and a bundle more to come. We've got a combination of slogan shirts, plus more design-based boxing shirts, and we've a couple of boxing shirts with a bit of humour to them - what is a boxer if he's not sometimes a black eye distribution facility, after all? And remember - there ain't no muscles on yer chin, so if you're spending your time lifting weights instead of hitting the bag, maybe you need to think about it a minute.

Boxing shirts from

Black Eye Distribution shirt
Black Eye Distribution Facility

Domination by Combination boxing shirt
Domination by Combination

Black Eye Distribution Facility
Puncher shirt
Puncher teeshirts

Black Eye Delivery Systems

Fist, free to good home shirtThe first one is a tribute to Jack Dempsey - 'Ain't No Muscles On Yer Chin'. The design includes and engine and a heart, both essentials in any good boxer.

Black Eye Delivery Systems and Black Eye Distribution Facility - another two ranges of boxing t-shirts that we produce at

And KO Delivery Centre shirts - open for business 24/7, offering free delivery (that's just the slogan!)

Dempsey boxer t-shirt
Dempsey boxing shirt
Ain't no muscles on yer chin

Knock Out Distribution Centre
KO Distribution Centre boxing shirt

KO Distribution Centre

KO Distribution Centre boxing shirt
KO Distribution Centre - open 24/7/365

Boxing shirts with a sense of humour from

We'll be adding to our boxing range of shirts over time, so keep an eye on the new shirts and updates page.

We've also a page of basic information and links to do with boxing, including boxing weight divisions. Take a look at the boxing sites page.



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