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Fist: Free To Good Home

Teeshirts with attitude

And now for some teeshirts with attitude - this fist is free to a good home. And before anyone starts complaining, this is purely about the combat sport thing, nothing domestic. 'Nuff said. And what are we getting at with this shirt, exactly? The sparring side of things - you know, how you'll plant a fist on anyone that's standing in front of you in the training hall at sparring time, that kind of thing.

It's sort of a boxing attitude teeshirt, but we'd say that's to a limited extent; this teeshirt has much more of an MMA angle in our minds, even if it's not too obvious at first glance. Really, when have you associated an unprotected fist with boxing? Pretty much never. But it's probably the second thing that springs to mind when you think MMA, given the whole focus in MMA on being as close to real fighting as possible.

Anyways, our fists are free to a good home, namely being planted - at speed - on somebody's mug in the training hall. Don't say we're not generous. You could almost call us a charitable organisation, really...

Fist - free to good home shirt

If this isn't pressing your buttons as far as a boxing-specific tee shirt goes, take a look at our other boxing gear ranges:

We've also added a page of quick links to do with boxing, including a list of boxing weight divisions, so take a quick look at our boxing websites and links page.




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