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'Scrapper' tshirts and sweatshirts

For tough, not technical, fighters

Here's another shirt that, whilst being very simple, very basic and very light in terms of 'traditional' design, really works well: Scrapper. This one's a hats-off to the fighters out there that have plenty of determination, energy and desire, but who maybe wouldn't be picked out as the best in terms of technical skills. You know, the guy who could doesn't mind getting in and taking a bundle - but who's still got the skills not just to be a windmill; with this shirt, we're really not talking about the guys who walk in off the street, throw haymakers for 15 minutes and then walk away thinking they're a fighter.

It's also a tribute to the fighters - boxers and MMA - who, in the public mind at least, are great champs in terms of being sluggers or punchers, rather than 3-minute-round technicians. The kind of fighters we're talking about there would include people like Jack Dempsey and Rocky Marciano - take a look at this YouTube clip (and pay attention to their guard). The thing with the slugger label is, especially when you even watch that clip, that these guys ain't just walking in off the street to start throwing; they put in hard, long hours preparing.

Scrapper boxer shirts

Again, not too much to say about these shirts: says what you are and what you're all about. Plain text - scrappy, like the slogan - and a simple statement. And, as always, on a huge variety of shirts.

Scrapper longsleeve
Scrapper shirts




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