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Show 'Em Then Throw 'Em

Shirts for fighters

This one works equally well for boxers, MMA types and almost any kind of full-contact martial art out there: Show em then Throw em. We're kind of thinking back to the era where you'd get some kind of fair warning before things got ugly; you know, back in the day before this feeling of "every man for himself and by any means necessary" took over.

As for the shirt itself, with the two fists as the centrepiece, it's obviously aimed a fighters of some description. The image turned out pretty good - not too clean, cos since when is throwing your fists around a clean and technical thing? Basic text to get the message across and no extras getting in the way of the slogan. And if the baseball jersey isn't your thing, click on it and you'll see the full range of shirt types, including sweaters, sleeveless shirts and more.

Seen this clip of Roger Huerta explaining things to a guy who suckerpunched a girl in the street? That's almost part of what we're getting at with this shirt, and others: first off, of course, you don't go suckerpunching anyone, least of all a girl, but secondly, you put up like a man if you're going to. Like the idiot in the clip, if you don't, there are serious consequences.

Show 'em, Throw 'em - shirts for boxers

This one's almost harking back to the Marquis of Queensbury days - real men don't sucker punch; they show them, then throw them.

As with the other attitude t-shirts, we didn't go overboard on the design with this at all, and kept it as plain and simple as possible: two fists and a statement, on a shirt for all to see.




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