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Southpaw shirts

for boxers and boxing fans

Southpaws - left-handed boxers. Mixing it up in a different way and making lfe hard for all the orthodox boxers around. We figured we'd do some tribute shirts for the neglected lefty crowd, in honour of all the trouble they give everyone else.

We've done a few different shirts for the southpaws, each of which you can see examples of below. We've kept them fairly simple for now (stay tuned for updates, just in case) and kept the focus on the slogan, not the design side of things.

Southpaw shirt #1

A basic, clean and simple southpaw shirt - gothic-style lettering, and a simple S in the same font as a background. It works well, and without the need for some of that desperate overcooked design stuff you see in the MMA field of fighting sports.

Southpaw boxing shirt

Southpaw shirt #2

Another plain and simple southpaw shirt, essentially the same as the shirt above but minus the large gothic S in the background. We're keeping things as simple as possible, just to get the focus back on the actual point of the shirts.


Southpaw shirt #3

An earlier shirt than the two above, this southpaw shirt was a quick attempt to use the "ain't no muscles on yer chin" slogan in the lefty boxer context. At the very least, it's a simple and basic design, and nothing gets in the way of the slogan itself.

Southpaw, no muscles on yer chin

Southpaw shirt #4

This one, admittedly, is one of the earliest shirts we did; we were still figuring out the design software, and figuring out how to get it into the online production system we use, so it's just a bit basic. That said, it doesn't need to be much more, and might just hit the mark with your tastes.

Southpaw - when left is right and right is wrong

Boxing shirtWe've also got a Southpaw shirt that we're real pleased with: When Left Is Right And Right Is Wrong. Another minor classic in the making. Check it out on its own page.




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