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Southpaw boxer t-shirts

When left is right, and right is wrong

Southpaw, the often-neglected or ignored part of boxing. Sometimes right is wrong, and sometimes left is right - not a bad little slogan for the southpaws in boxing, even if we do say so having come up with it ourselves. We wanted to give more back to the noble sport of pugilism than just the usual type of boxing t-shirt, and so we took a look at doing something for the Southpaws. We've done a few designs - check them at the foot of the page.

Why Southpaw boxing t-shirts? Partly it's just for balance - it's not actually really ever mentioned - and partly it's because a southpaw who knows his own game knows how that will really mess up an orthodox fighter's game plan, simply because of the change in expected angles that the punches come from. Add to that the suddenly different reach that comes with the southpaw stance, and you've got a bit of adjusting to do as an orthodox boxer, at least at an amateur level.

So, for the leftie boxers, left is right and right is wrong.

Southpaw - left is right

Can't think of any well-known southpaws? The list below might jog your memory:




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