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Funny shirts: Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

Yeh, it's a pretty simple play on words but, hey, it works - beauty is in the eye of the beholder? After a few on a big night out, it's in the eye of the beer holder, thanks to the Beer Gods and the curse of beer goggles. Just be careful you don't wake up in bed next to the elephant woman - whale oil beef hooked! Ahh, the demon drink - we've all been there, right? She looked so much better around, uh, 3am.

Look, it'll get a smile on a few faces as the night goes on, so why not? And we were on a roll with the designing when we did this one - that's why it's got a few more frills than normal. We'll do an update on this 'beauty in the eye of the beer holder' shirt, given time - maybe get a more manly beer bottle or beer stein instead of the long-neck glass. Still a good funny shirt though - get some.

Beauty in eye of beerholder shirt




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