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Nerd Power shirts

for geeks and fight nerds

Funny, weird, too geeky, too obscure? We're not too sure what category to put our Nerd Power shirt into, so we'll leave it in the funny shirts section of for now.

This is another basic shirt, aiming at getting the slogan across rather than letting some overblown and, frankly, in-the-way design stuff get in the way. We've made the most basic concession, as you can see, by including the lightning bolt in the background, just to emphasize the power thing. In nerds and geeks. Something like that.

This one's a bit of a 50/50 shirt: halfways we're tipping our hats to - believe it or not - fighters like Luke Cummo (organic beansprouts, anyone?) from back in TUF season 1, and halfways we're tipping our hats to your run-of-the-mill nerds in all walks of life. Either way, Nerd Power is sometimes a special thing. Sometimes.

We may have a go at re-doing the Nerd Power shirt to be a bit more about the fight nerds out there. Check back monthly for new shirts and updates.

Nerd Power shirt

Nerd Power!Why Nerd Power shirts?

Why the hell not? Sometimes it ain't all about alpha males.




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