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Danger: I know karate and other oriental words

Funny martial arts teeshirts with a sense of humor

Another real simple fun shirt for martial arts types, or just folks with more of a sense of humor than the average tough guy: I know oriental words. Might not know any kind of martial art, combat sport or even be in any kind of basic athletic shape, but you at least know some of the words - jiu jitsu, karate, kung fu and other oriental words.

And this martial arts teeshirt might just come in handy as a quiet STFU gift for one of the guys you train with; you know, the blow-hard who's always talking about being a full-contact guy but who rarely, if ever, fronts up to the animal day sessions. Thing is, if you gave him one of these 'I know oriental words' shirts, would he actually get that it was a dig at his lack of action, or would he just think it was a nice, funny martial arts teeshirt? Buy one and find out. Heh.

This whole section of the site, and all the teeshirt designs in it, are obviously about putting smiles on faces, and getting a sense of humor back into martial arts (hopefully). You can't have thunderstorms every day of your life, after all.

I know karate




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