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Whale Oil Beef Hooked - say it fast

Funny teeshirts from

Now, this one is a serious classic in the funny teeshirts rankings: Whale Oil Beef Hooked. You've got to say it fast to get the point of these teeshirts. Once you do, all will become clear. Say it with a fake Irish accent and it'll come across even easier.

The first time we came across this saying was - wait for it - from Lemmy out of Motorhead; think it was on a shirt he was wearing in a cartoon that came on the sleeve of one of their albums. And beyond that, well, we've heard it dozens of times around and about, so we figured we'd drop it on a funny teeshirt at

And it's not quite so obvious a slogan that it'll get you in trouble, so wearing it out and about when you're partying or having a big night out should end up with a few laughs. Just tell them where you got the shirt from, okay? We've got bills to pay!

Whale Oil Beef Hooked teeshirts? Well I'll be....

Whale Oil Beef Hooked shirts




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