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Groundfighter t-shirts - classy, simple

Old school shirts for ground game people

This is a fairly big series of shirts that has a bunch of different designs to it, and a few different approaches. We've aimed to get a bit of class in there where we can, along with not overdoing the design - you won't find much in the way of crazy blood splashes or skulls in the Groundfighter series, put it that way. We think it's much better for that, and gets the statement across nice and clear.

G Series shirts

First out, we've got the Groundfighter G series - plain, simple but classy and effective. Old school, no frills, says everything that needs to be said; the shirt images below, and throughout the bjjtshirts site, are just an indication of the full range available.

Groundfighter G series

Groundfighter G Series

Groundfighter Regal series shirts

Groundfighter Regal Series

The Groundfighter Regal series gives another angle on the same old-school approach; lions rampant, old-style lettering and the Groundfighter brand, ending up with a good classy ground game shirt.

Groundfighter: Urban Survival Systems shirts

Groundfighter: Urban Survival Groundfighter: Urban
Urban Survival Systems shirts

American Groundfighter

Ground-fighting - it's not all about BJJ. Wrestlers, grapplers and submission fighters of all kinds are out there and, without them and their contribution to the NHB and MMA arena, the sport undoubtedly wouldn't have been revitalised. The question can be asked: would the UFC, IFL, IFC, K-1, Pride and all the other fighting championships be the same without the emergence of the ground game? We don't think so, and so here's the first in a range that we may grow: American Groundfighter.

American Groundfighter shirts

Australian Groundfighter

And another collection in a similar vein to the American Groundfighter range, above: Australian Groundfighter. Put together in tribute to all the Aussie fighters out there in the ground game, be it MMA, BJJ or any of the other ground-based martial styles. Let people know you're an Australian Groundfighter.

Australian Groundfighter shirt 1Australian Groundfighter shirt, map design
Australian Groundfighter shirts

Wrestling and grappling shirts

Wrestler shirtIf you're looking for something more specific to wrestling, you might find it in our wrestler and grappler range of t-shirts:

Check them out in the wrestling shirts section of the site.




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