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Jiu Jitsu, MMA and martial arts shirts and after-training gear

Okay, here's the introduction: Our aim is to produce as large a range as possible of martial arts-related clothing, with as large a range of designs as possible. Our focus is, obviously, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; why else That said, mixed martial arts, in the various forms popularised by the UFC, K1, Pride etc can't be ignored, and the contribution a solid ground game like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu makes to these also can't be ignored.

So, in recognition of this vast range of martial arts - or should we say combat sports? - we at have put together a frankly massive range of teeshirts in tribute to the wide, wild world of full-contact fighting - along with a whole heap of shirts to do with other stuff as well. Without further ado, our main t-shirt categories are as follows:

We've also covered the bases with a few ideas that came up for shirts and designs for other martial arts:

And we've also a handful of other shirts to check out:

A few example shirts to get you started - browse the different categories to see our huge range of shirts:

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These are a few - but nowhere near all - of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teeshirts to take a look at:

MMA t-shirts from

Mixed Martial Arts - what can you say about it? The saviour of combat sports, in popular terms? Whilst boxing diminishes in popularity, and the other martial arts struggle to break even in everyday terms (okay, excluding Muay Thai, as in The Contender), MMA is exploding. Is it a new style? Not really, if we're honest about it. A combat sport which has come of age, finally? Definitely.

The UFC blew up to the point where they could simply buy out (and close down - how stupid?) Pride, followed closely by the Ultimate Fighter reality series. Shortly after that, we get the first teensploitation movie about MMA, Never Back Down. Big changes from the budget for UFC #1, if anyone remembers that far back. Tank Abbott, anyone...?

And so, a few - but again, not nearly all - of our MMA teeshirts:

And remember to check out our MMA fighter t-shirts - tributes to the mixed martial arts champions.



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