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Kyokushin karate shirts

Simple, clean designs

Now on to our Kyokushin Karate shirt designs. We've used the basic japanese text for the style, and have added it in various ways for these shirts. Some are centred, some are plain without background images, others incorporate the Kyokushin symbol, the Kanku (the red circle design). Take a look further down the page to see examples of each of them. Keeping things simple with these shirts has really made them work,l if you ask us; the japanese text and the symbol are real powerful as design elements, even by themselves.

Our Kyokushin karate tribute shirts - 4 designs and counting. As with the other shirts and designs we print, these are available on sweatshirts - black or white - and a wide range of t-shirt styles. T-shirt colours include: black, cardinal red, navy, charcoal, military green, red, royal blue and brown - plenty to choose from.

We've also included a few YouTube links at the foot of the page to some of the fighters out there who you might not know have a kyokushin background; check them out.

Click the individual items below to get full details on that particular design or style, or visit our Kyokushin karate t-shirts online store to see the full karate shirts range.

Kyokushin shirt 1
Kyokushin Karate shirts

Kyokushin shirt 2
Kyokushin tee shirt #2

Kyokushin design 3
Kyokushin teeshirt #3

Kyokushin design 4
Kyokushin Kanku tee shirt

What is Kyokushin kaikan?

Kyokushin karate is a style of full contact karate and was founded by Masutatsu, or Mas, Oyama in 1964. Roughly translated from Japanese, Kyokushin kaikan means 'the society of the ultimate truth'. The style is rooted in self-improvement, discipline and hard physical training. The Kumite, or sparring, aspect of Kyokushin karate is renowned as one of the most demanding forms of martial arts training, incorporating bare knuckle blows to the body (but not the head), alongside full use of shin kicks and knees.

Kyokushin has influenced many of the full-contact schools of karate, emphasizing realistic combat, physical toughness and practicality. A number of martial arts organizations grew out of the original Kyokushin over the years, some adding techniques such as grappling, but maintaining the same approach with regard to realistic and practical methodology.

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