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MMA shirts: Blood In, Blood Out

This MMA shirt is a bit of a play on words in relation to the gang saying: Blood In, Blood Out. Hopefully it's obvious that what we're getting at in the MMA context is a no-brainer - you put blood in in training, you get blood out of your opponent. Something kinda like that.

In one way, the blood aspect of MMA is maybe the one thing we'd make changes to, if it was up to us; the public may love the sight of blood getting smashed out of a fighter, but we'd like to see much better care taken of the fighters so that there's less blood involved.

See, the thing is that every time there's blood spilled in MMA, there's a pretty big chance it's because of a cut ie split skin. And what happens when seriously split-open skin heals up? It scars. And that doesn't strike us as the right thing to do to these athletes - look at the state of Forrest Griffin or Stefan Bonner to see what we're getting at. Cut to sh&t and it shows. Our point: they hit 35, 40 years old, their career is tied to training new fighters and nothing else, cos no other job's gonna take them on looking like they've had their faces smashed in.

Rant over. Not even sure it's a good point to try to make but, well, we got scribbling and that's what came out. Back to the shirts...

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MMA shirt - Blood In Blood Out

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