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In Pain We Trust

Mixed Martial Arts shirts

Okay, first off, this bunch of shirts was one of the very first we *ever* did, so bear with us if they're not as polished as some or our more recent mixed martial arts shirts. We love the slogan - In Pain We Trust - but we'll probably revisit this in 2011 to bring it up to date a bit. So, stay tuned for updates - we're on twitter and facebook as well. We were aiming for that 'noble eagle' look, along with the scrolls and - of course - a skull. Came close, but maybe no cigar.

This particular range of mixed martial arts shirts is pretty basic, admittedly, but, like we said, we've always liked the idea behind it; if you're not training hard enough for it to hurt, you're not doing it right. Especially with the BJJ side of mixed martial arts, you're looking for that pain thang to finish a roll most of the time - whilst everyone wants to choke someone out, it's more usually a tap-out from a joint lock or crank that you'll nail, and they're all about the pain.

Pain, the best feedback loop you could ask for - it's a way of identifying what's getting worked, and how effective a technique works when it's put on you, whether it's a right hook, a shin kick to your thigh or a BJJ triangle. Yes, there are other indicators, but pain's a good one.

MMA shirt - In Pain We Trust

In Pain We Trust - design 2

MMA Let the Bad Times Roll
MMA tee shirts - let the bad times roll

MMA - what is it?

If you don't know what MMA is already, how did you get here in the first place...? Anyway, if you're in any doubt, check our What Is MMA page for an introduction to mixed martial arts.

And while you're here, remember to check our MMA fighters tee shirts as well; we can't name names but it should be obvious....




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