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MMA shirts - Leave your ego at the door won't be needing it

MMA - the great leveller in combat sports, that's how we'd describe it. Come in the front door with an ego and you'll probably just get it knocked right out of you, so, leave it at the door and collect it on the way out - it's just going to get in the way, otherwise.

Thing is, really, MMA's an old style, if you can call it that, and it's had so many names over the years; Mixed Martial Arts is just the most recent form, although it's admittedly at a level of popularity that it's never achieved in the past. No holds barred, full-contact fighting, vale tudo - it's all been done before at different times. We'd say the major difference now really only lies in the fact that major corporations - cos that's what an outfit like the UFC really is now - have gotten in on the act. Don't agree? Look at the marketing budgets involved, look at the frequency of events and look at the paychecks the fighters receive. MMA is big business now.

But we're rambling again: Leave Your Ego At The Door is another of our MMA shirts, obvously. Just like the label says and with a zero-design content, just to keep the point of the shirt clear and simple.

Leave your ego at the door MMA shirt




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