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MMA Addict teeshirt: It's In The Blood

The MMA Addict teeshirt is well on the way to becoming a modern classic - just look at that for a good, solid design. It's got all the elements you'd expect on an MMA teeshirt, but not to the overblown point that seems to be popular recently in the sport. And look, we'd say that style of shirt - totally over-the-top design-everywhere, sleeves-and-all - is probably going to gradually decline as people get tired of it. People get older, after all, and while you might be all about putting an attitude out there as much as humanly possible, and with no thought to the consequences, when you're fresh to this MMA thing, as time goes on and you get down deep into it, you start to realise how much you don't yet have in the way of MMA weaponry.

The MMA Addict teeshirt's a play on words, obviously: you're an MMA addict, so it's in your blood, just like a drug. And you're addicted to the training, and you're also addicted to it as a bloodsport - it's in the blood shed in the ring. Admit it - it's just a great MMA teeshirt, and you wish you'd come up with the slogan and the design yourself cos it's so smart and good-looking. Uh, yeh.

Hit the image below to see full details and different types of teeshirt that you can have this printed on, or to see the full range of teeshirts, check out our storefront: - martial arts gear of every description.

MMA Addict shirt: It's In The Blood

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