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Wrestling: The American Martial Art

Wrestling tee shirts and sweatshirts

Would modern-day MMA be where it is now without the influence of the submission wrestling game? One thing's for sure, it wouldn't be anywhere near as interesting, so here are a few tribute tee shirts for wrestling, pretty much the American Martial Art.

Our first exposure to wrestling, at least as far as an interest goes? Maybe a bit standard, but it was seeing 'The Smashing Machine', the documentary about American wrestler and MMA fighter Mark Kerr. We watched it coming from a BJJ perspective but on reflection it was damn interesting even just seeing the match between Mark and, uh, can't think of his opponent (help?), a serious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor, if our memories are working correctly. There was a level of mutual respect between them that was impressive, particularly given the very different games between their fields.

Putting some of our thoughts on wrestling back into the MMA sphere, it'd be interesting to see what impact over time wrestling has on MMA and vice versa; nothing's static, after all, and there's bound to be some serious cross-pollination in skill sets over time. It might not have an impact on the pure, traditional, points-based side of American wrestling, but we could see wrestling including portions of the stand-up game, even if only to accommodate the kinds of opposition you might encounter to a standard wrestling take-down.

Anyways, on to the first of our American Martial Art Wrestling shirts: the US flag obviously needed to be in there, along with the slogan, and we wanted to get the nod to college wrestling on there as well, so we used a college-style typeface. And to get some class to it, it's sitting on a scroll design thing, but nothing flowery.

Wrestling, American Martial Art shirts

Wrestling shirt - American Martial Art
Wrestling, the American Martial Art design 2

Second design: we shrunk things down a bit to keep it fairly understated, rather than slathering this wrestling shirt with colours and designs and stuff that gets in the way of the slogan.

The American Martial Art, Wrestling
The American Martial Art shirt, design 3




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