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Tee shirts and sweats for college wrestlers

Simple Wrestler and Grappler shirts

Simple, straightforward tee shirts for the wrestlers and grapplers out there, with a focus on college wrestling. The typefact is your standard college font, and we've kept the whole design - if that's the right term - as simple as it can be. Clean and effective, that's this college-style wrestling shirt.

And why make tee shirts and sweatshirts all about college wrestlers and grapplers? Kind of a no-brains question really. Take, for instance, Josh Koschek as an example of why: big college wrestling background, which he built on to take him high into the MMA field. Now, he may not be the most-liked guy in MMA, or in TUF, but you can't deny his skills.

And following on on the 'why wrestler shirts' question, there just don't seem to be all that many out there for these guys. Take a look at the average serious wrestler - these are heavy-duty athletes, with dedication and commitment to their sport. Sometimes we'd have to say we're envious of their situation in being almost the invisible martial form; it breeds dedication, rather than the posing that the MMA explosion seems to have promoted in the interest levels of other martial arts.

Wrestler shirt, college style

As you can see, these shirts, just like our others, can be had in a range of different colours. There are also types galore, along with great sizing and pricing, depending on what you prefer. Check the bjjtshirts online store for the entire range, or hit the shirt images here for details on these particular wrestler and grappler designs.

Grappler shirt, college style




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