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I wrestled in college and all I got were these lousy ears

College wrestling shirts

Yep, a college wrestling play on those old teeshirts you used to see around "my friend went on holiday and all I got was this lousy teeshirt". Those lousy ears really are a giveaway, guys.

Lousy cauliflower ears, the mark of a serious wrestler. Fair enough you can wear a helmet to prevent the worst of them, but you'll probably still get them corked up if you're in any way serious about your training. And those that don't bother with wrestling helmets? Pretty much a dead giveaway that they're seriously hungry for college wrestling success.

So, college wrestling, the quiet base of much of the serious MMA out there, at least in America. Who are we talking about? Well, how about Matt Hughes and Sean Sherk (heh, the Muscle Shark - who the hell thought that one up?), to start with, two very serious competitors with heavy-duty records in both wrestling and MMA. Adding stand-up skills to their college wrestling backgrounds took them both to championship levels, and that's really got to be testament to the training regime that wrestling offers.

Something else to consider with wrestling: it's specific to requirements, it's focussed. Find an MMA training regime, even now, that isn't just a bit too much of "a bit of this, and a bit of that".

College wrestling teeshirt, lousy ears

College wrestler tee shirts

Groundfighter shirts & sweatshirts

If you're a wrestler, grappler or submission fighter, you might also be interested in our Groundfighter range - some of them are below, and under that is a list of links to the different G-fighter designs we've got in our groundfighter range.

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