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What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling-based martial art combat system but, unlike Olympic wrestling where the object is to pin one's adversary or gain points, the goal here is to apply a joint lock or choke, forcing the opponent into submission. In a real-life threat situation, the benefits of this approach - as with any martial art that recognises the world outside the training hall - rest in the ability to end a confrontation, not merely reach a stalemate.

The rise of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in the world of martial arts and, in particular, the recent advent of Mixed Martial Arts, has been a phenomenal one, due in part to the early unparalleled success of several Brazilian-trained fighters in 'no-rules' fight events staged in the USA and Japan. The Brazilians, having encountered larger, stronger and very experienced martial artists, fighters and kickboxers, seemed to win effortlessly by taking the fight to the ground and employing superior groundskills and submission technique.

The Machado Brothers, a top Brazilian fighting clan, along with several other highly-ranked Brazilian fighters such as the Gracie Family, moved from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to Los Angeles in California in the late 80's and early 90's.

BJJ Practitioners

Carpe Jugulum - Seize the JugularSeveral renowned Australian fighters and martial artists, along with high profile martial arts stars such as Chuck Norris, Steven Segal and Gene LeBell, are now BJJ aficionados. Norris even built a special studio on the permanent set of Walker - Texas Ranger, and imported one of the Machado brothers as his personal full-time trainer.

A part of BJJ's appeal is the level of effectiveness that BJJ has in 'real' fight situations. The 'take 'em down and choke 'em out' style has shattered many martial arts myths.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - International

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu flag shirtBrazilian Jiu Jitsu has since spread to several other countries, including Australia and, almost surprisingly, given what you might expect in terms of traditionally-inspired resistance to outside influence, Japan.

BJJ enables you to completely dominate a larger, stronger opponent on the ground; according to one (often misquoted) study, 62% of altercations between law enforcement officials and offenders ended on the ground in some form of grappling situation, this skill is a must for anyone interested in a true self-defence system.

Whether you need serious skills for your professional work, you need no-nonsense street-friendly skills for security work, or you just want to have what it takes to defend yourself, you won’t find a better answer than BJJ.




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