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BJJ t-shirts & MMA t-shirts at

Buy some or we'll break your fingers

What to say? Like the label says, we produce a large and ever-growing range of Jiu Jitsu t-shirts, sweatshirts, and clothing, alongside mixed martial arts and general martial arts shirt designs. We've got boxing shirts for strikers, teeshirts for wrestlers, t-shirts for Thai boxers, Judo shirts and more - loads to choose from.

The pics below are each linked to a page featuring a full-sized version of the design in question on one particular shirt out of the many types of shirt we print on. On each page, hit the shirt image to go to the online store, where you can choose colour options, sizing and shipping.

As for the shirts and designs themselves, they're self-explanatory mostly, but our aim with many of them has been to get a sense of humour back into the combat sport thang; too much attitude makes Jack a dull boy and all that. And those shirt designs that are serious, well, we've tried to come up with a different approach, just to add some variety to that pretty-tired spiky-lettering-and-tattoos approach.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu t-shirts - buy some or we'll break your fingers

BJJ Submission Machine teeshirts BJJ Kimura shirts
Kimura t-shirts

BJJ gothic text & flag
BJJ gothic flag

Walking With Champions BJJ shirt
Walking with Champions

Eagle Crest Jiu Jitsu shirt
Eagle & Crest

Get Down, skull design shirt
Get Down - skulls

OG Original Groundfighter
Original Groundfighter


Jiu Jitsu Addict shirt
it's in my blood

Brazil flag Jiu Jitsu shirt
Brazil flag Jiu Jitsu shirt
Get Down, explosion
Get Down BJJ shirts
Take em down, tap em out
Take down, tap out
Just for the hell of it
» plenty more BJJ t-shirts

MMA teeshirts for Octagon Addicts

Ahh, the smell of blood spilled in the morning. Same as our BJJ shirts, we're trying to get something a bit different into the combat sport t-shirts mix, whether it's with a bit of humour, or with taking a different approach to the designs. Some need updating but, hey, show me a perfect shirt that isn't plain white.

MMA Addict teesirt
MMA Addict shirt: It's in the blood
Octagon Addict MMA teeshirt
Octagon Addict

Tap Snap or Nap shirt
Tap, Snap or Nap

Rough MMA shirts
Rough MMA shirt


My fist, free to good home
MMA Grenade design shirt
MMA grenade shirt
Vale Tudo, rolling with the punches
Vale Tudo shirts

Blood in, blood out
» more MMA teeshirts

Shirts for boxers - Ain't no muscles on yer chin

Okay, now our boxing t-shirts are ones that are close to our hearts, here at; boxing was our first contact with real fighting, and we always go back to it. Black Eye Delivery Systems and KO Distribution Centres - that's what boxers are.

Dempsey, no muscles on your chin
Boxing shirt: Ain't no muscles on yer chin
Puncher tshirt, no muscles on yer chin
Puncher - no muscles on yer chin

Black Eye Delivery boxing tshirt
Black Eye Delivery Systems

KO Distribution boxer tshirt
KO Distribution Centre

» more boxing shirts

Martial arts t-shirts - Muay Thai, Kyokushin, wrestling...

And it'd just be impolite not to at least touch on a few of the other martial arts out there, so we've done a bundle of other t-shirts; check 'em out via our main index page or by clicking the individual tasters below:

Muay Thai tshirts
Muay Thai

Kyokushin Karate tshirts
Kyokushin Karate

Wrestling tshirts



Vale Tudo, fists and flames
Vale Tudo

Bow to Sensei
Judo t-shirt
Submit jiu jitsu t-shirt
Jiu Jitsu
» martial art shirts

All sorts of funny teeshirts

Predictable, maybe, but when you're doing combat sport shirts, you also come up with some plain funny shirts, connected directly with martial arts or just plain amusing. No point ignoring a good idea when it comes up, so we slapped them together and put them on some funny shirts. Here's a taste:

Dumped, party at my place
Dumped, party at my place
First BJJ lesson's free
Touch me, first BJJ lesson's free
College wrestling, lousy ears shirt
College wrestling, lousy ears
NoCanDo World Champ shirt
No Can Do World Champion
» funny teeshirts - We've got your back

So, that's the intro page. You can browse all the shirts you see here, or alternatively you can go straight to our online BJJ & MMA t-shirts store and browse every shirt on pretty much one single page.

Each design you see here, and on our other pages, is available on a wide range of products; sleeved, sleeveless, tank tops, hooded sweatshirts, zip-ups, long-sleeved and many more.

For updates and info on our newest shirts, visit the news and updates page and if you're interested in a link exchange or something similar, contact us.




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